Saturday, October 26, 2013

Meditation: Awareness, Breathing, Connection.

I began my meditation journey almost ten years ago.  As a mother of five I found it challenging to stay committed to the different rules or rituals of different meditation techniques.  I decided to focus on what was important to me love, liberty, and happiness!  I like to keep it simple.

Three simple steps to meditation. Awareness, Breathing, Connection. Awareness of mind, body, and spirit. Breathing in slowly while relaxing your mind, rejuvenating your body and refreshing to your spirit. Connection to mind, body, and spirit. Meditation is as easy as ABC. Allowing your mind, body, and spirit to become relaxed, rejuvenated, and refreshed!

What is meditation?

Becoming aware of the 'self'.  Allowing yourself to becoming aware of the moment, releasing judgment about yourself and others, relaxing body and letting go of any stress, negativity, and control. There are several different types of meditation to choose from.  Such as Mindfulness, Transcendental, Guided,  Kundalini, Qi gong, and trance based.  I have tried several types but I find that the best way for me is Awareness, Breathing, and Connection.

How to meditate? 

1. Awareness become aware of your mind and it's ability to think, understand, reason, and remember.  Be present at this moment and decide to meditate. Bring your awareness to your body and it's capability taste, touch, smell, hear, see and maintain without your assistance.  Then notice your awareness of your spirit and it's unlimited unbounded potential to create life.

2. Breathing in slowly, listen to your breath, feel your lungs expand with air, and circulating through your body.  With every exhalation you natualy release any tension, relaxing your body and easing your mind.

3. Connection with yourself to your source.  Connecting your mind and body to spirit. Go within and connect with love, light, and energy.

Why meditate? 

Happiness, love, faith, strength, openness, compassion, connection, imagination, passion, desire, forgiving, thankfulness, joy, adjustment, blessings, releasing, clarity, commitment, support, wisdom, focus, maintaining, communicating, celebrating, relaxing, rejuvenating, inspiration, motivation, imagination, and appreciation!

When to meditate?

Any time, all the time, every time, and especially when you don't have the time!

Where to meditate?


Who is meditation for?

Everyone, all ages, sizes, genders, races, and religions.

Our mind is powerful, our bodies strong, our spirit unbreakable! I believe that meditating is a valuable tool and resource. How do you meditate?

"If you don't go within,  you simply go without"
Victor Frankl

With Love,


  1. Never have thought about meditating..I usually find myself just serious in thought. Going to try and see if it's any different..Thank you for this...

  2. Your welcome! I remember the first time I tried to meditate and it felt uncomfortable. If you keep practicing you will find that gets easier.