Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A perfect day!

Waking up in the morning I feel fully rested and energized.  I am happy, healthy, and honored to be here.  What a magical place and time to live, full of mystery and history, I am awake! In my fabulous beach front property lying next to my loving partner.  I smile and thank myself for waking up to such a wonderful day! Sitting on the balcony watching the sun rise,  I sip on my warm soothing beverage. While listening to the waves a cool misty breeze hits my face, I sit in silence, meditating, and connecting within.  

I continue my day excited and eager to explore adventurous activities with my family. My family enjoys spending time hiking beautiful trails, scuba diving in clear blue water, and being outdoors in nature.   I love and appreciate nature, I am in awe, with all the miraculously infinite various types of life forms that surrounds us.

I am a spiritual being existing in a physical world experience.   I am here for love, growth,  happiness, and contribution.   I am thankful for my senses because I can hear sweet words being whispered in my ear, I can see the sun and moon rise, I can feel my lips as they touch to kiss, I can taste delicious food all across the globe, I can smell the orange blossoms as the citrus tree blooms, I can trust my intuition as it guides me through life. I am whole, perfect, and complete!

With Love,

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