Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Meditation a Journey to Freedom!

I started to blog about 2 year ago because I wanted to overcome my fear of writing.  I thought that if I started to blog then it would help me to gain some experience and become more confident.  My blog was started for me and I didn't share my blog address with anyone. Currently my blog consists of personal meditation writings, which are thoughts I have after meditation.

Now that I decided to join the 30 day Blog Challenge I am ready to write and share my blog with the world.  I have a new idea for my blog that I am excited about!  I will be blogging about Meditation. I have been meditating for the past 9 years and I believe that I am happier because of it. It has helped me to create peace and love in my life. I want to reach out to others who have been thinking about or who are already meditating.  

I expect that the 30 Day Blog Challenge will take me out of my comfort zone.  The challenge has also inspired me to go beyond the next 30 days; I want to explore and implement different methods and forms of meditation over the next 12 months, trying various meditations for 30 days each.  I will discover and learn about many different types and ways of meditating, and blog about it.  I hope that my blog helps reach other's who want to create happiness in their lives through meditation.

With Love,

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