Friday, October 11, 2013

Freedom and Adventure

Freedom is like a tumbleweed going on an adventure through the streets of Phoenix.

What's your definition of freedom in business and adventure in life?    

Freedom in business           
• Location
• Time                                  
• Creativity
• Letting go

Adventure in life
• Learning
• Growing
• Variety
• Failing
• Exploring

Living life on my own terms is what I strive for.  I believe that creating an online business is a key component to having freedom in business.  Working online is prime real estate.  I can work from any part of the world as long their is Internet access.  Choosing my own working hours has given me more time to spend with my family doing the things that we love.  Owning an online business is like having a blank canvas, it gives me an opportunity to be creative and share my painting to the world.  Freedom in business is about letting go, of all my beliefs and fears that I've learned about, finding out what I love and contributing to others.

Adventure in life is about learning, growing,  and making memories.  Sometimes in life we get comfortable with our systems and routines. Other times we don't even realize that we are running around like Zombies, stuck on hunt mode, numb to life or adventure.  Not only do we need adventure, we crave it! Life isn't about living in a box staring at the wall.  Unless you user your light to build the life of your dream life, everything will remain in the dark.  I believe that adventure in life is about, seeking variety, exploring your limits and pushing past your fears.

With Love,

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